Nourish Well- formed by nature, made with love!

About Us

Our Story & Commitment to You

We believe that optimal wellness involves nourishing your mind, body, and soul. Our mission is simple- we want to help you achieve optimal wellness & love your life!

Our commitment to you is to give you the potency and purity that you deserve. We promise to be nothing but honest & transparent about the what’s and why’s behind our products, & strive to give you the tools you need to be the master of your own health and life.

Since optimal wellness is more than just “popping a pill”, we also commit to empowering and educating you, helping you to foster healthy and sustainable habits to feel your very best.

Our formulas are innovated in science, formed by nature, and made with love. Formulated with only the highest quality, natural ingredients, we wanted to create products that we trust to give to everyone, including our friends and family. We see our customers (hello that's you!) as an extension of our family and pledge to put your health first. You deserve the high-quality products to achieve optimal health & fully live life!

Nourish Well was crafted through real life experience. As a woman with hypothalamic amenorrhea till the age of 25, hypothyroidism, and a frequent flyer to burn out, our owner, Lacey Dunn, learned through her own struggles and in helping heal thousands of women, that the right supplements were a critical component in optimizing health.  

However, finding high quality products at effective dosages was a struggle. Other products were either "fairy dusted" with ingredients that did not meet clinically effective dosages, contained unnecessary fillers, or were too expensive. 

That’s why we formed Nourish Well- to have the best evidence-based products that we could trust to take ourselves, give to our friends and family, & share with the world! 

We are a family run small business centered in faith and love for Jesus. We are so honored to be able to be a part of your life and health and wellness journey. Welcome to the Nourish Well family!

Meet Our Founder

Lacey Dunn, MS, RD, LD, CPT is a functional medicine dietitian specializing in hormonal imbalances, digestive dysfunction, thyroid disorders, PCOS, adrenal dysfunction, and metabolic resistance. She is the owner of UpliftFit Nutrition, a virtual private practice, in which she helps men and women to take back their health and feel their best!

Lacey Dunn MS RD LD

It was through her own struggles with health chaos that she became passionate about functional medicine and her root cause approach. From her own struggles with hypothyroidism, mold toxicity, Candida and H pylori infections, to her adrenal fatigue, she has used her time in the trenches to become a better dietitian, as well as create Nourish Well.

Lacey formulated all of Nourish Well's product to be a part of not only her client's healing, but yours as well! Every person deserves the opportunity to feel and look their best. Every person deserves to feel what it's like to have true hormonal harmony and optimal wellness. With that truth- Nourish Well was born!

Her best-selling book "The Women's Guide to Hormonal Harmony" which is available on Amazon ,gives women the knowledge, tools, and confidence to rebalance your hormones, master your metabolism, and become the boss of your own body. Lacey has been featured in top media outlets, such as TIME magazine, US News, Eat This Not That, Popsugar, Well + Good, 30 seconds,, and Paste Magazine.