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COA's- Our Difference

Nourish Well is dedicated to providing you pure, honest, and potent supplements to help you sleep better, stress less, and live a balanced life. There's no room for doubt when it comes to quality health. We have full trust in our products, and want you to as well!

Lacey Dunn, MS, RD, LD, CPT custom formulated these products in a third-party tested, cGMP, NSF, UL, FDA registered certified facility. She is committed to giving you the quality, and results, that you deserve! At NourishWell, we commit to purity, potency, and honesty.

To ensure that you have full knowledge over our supplements and what you put into your body, we commit to giving you the COA's (certificate of analysis) of each of our products that way you know that what you buy, you get! We commitment to putting your health first. Lacey wants you to feel empowered and confident in choosing the right supplements for your body. 

From ingredient sourcing to continuous testing, we commit to doing the hardwork & paying for testing that other brands skip out on. There are no skipping corners here. No fairy dusting. No fillers. We aim to set the bar high in the dietary supplement industry for what true quality means. 

Our COA's cover:

-Identity testing (Aka you are getting what you buy- This is a method of label claim verification to ensure that claims on labels are met)

-Heavy metal testing (This is is sadly optional to companies... we believe it should be mandatory. The top 4 heavy metals include arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium).

-Botanical testing (to ensure for quality & efficacy)

-Microbial analysis (to ensure for no mold or bacteria in your supplements- including E coli)

-Potency testing (measures the concentration of an active ingredient)

COA's and third party testing is done on every batch of our supplements. We aren't baking brownies- we are committing to your health. That includes safety, efficacy, and consistency that you can rely on. 

Please see the websites below for more information on choosing supplements safely:

-Third Party Certifications for Supplements

-How to Choose Supplements Wisely


Nourish Well and our owner, Lacey Dunn, commit to testing our products for identity, purity, potency, and transparency. We want you to feel confident that you are choosing a company that truly cares about you! We commit to providing you the highest quality, evidence based formulations and pledge to never sacrifice the quality we provide.


You may view all COA's here