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Hormonal Harmony
Hormonal Harmony
Hormonal Harmony
Hormonal Harmony
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Hormonal Harmony

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Description & Benefits
Hormonal Harmony supports a balanced and healthy cycle month after month. It’s made with all-natural ingredients that promote healthy hormone levels, boost your energy and mood, and soothe your body and mind before and during your period.


  •  Supports healthy cycles*
  • Soothes PMS Symptoms to reduce pain and irritability*
  • Promotes Hormonal Balance*
  • Encourages Healthy Ovarian Function*
  • Assists blood sugar management & healthy insulin levels*


*These statements and all statements on this webpage have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


Must read subscription details-2 months is required before cancellations are allowed

Nutritional Facts

Supplement Facts: Serving Size- 5 capsules, Servings per container- 30 Myoinositol 2g N-acetyl-cysteine 600mg Vitex agnus cactus (chasetree berry) 400mg Dong Quai Root 100mg Black Cohosh 50mg D- Chiro Inositol 50mg Chromium (amino acid chelate) 200mcg Other ingredients: Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Capsule

Happier & Healthier Cycles


What’s it made of

Myoinositol for hormonal balance and healthy ovarian function

Myoinositol is a carbohydrate found naturally in the body and in food which has been shown to support overall fertility and hormonal balance. According to a study, it helps to regulate menstrual cycles, including ovulation. Approximately 15% of the women in this study became pregnant after 2-3 months of supplementation. Myoinositol is widely known for its beneficial effects in women with PCOS. We use a combination of myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol, in the body's naturally occurring ratio of 40 to 1. Recent studies have shown that taking a combination of these two forms, in this ratio, is more beneficial than taking myo-inositol or D-chiro inositol alone. It may also support fertility in non-insulin resistance PCOS.

N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) to reduce inflammation

NAC is an amino acid with powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. Research shows that NAC boosts fertility in women with PCOS by supporting and encouraging ovulation.

Vitex Agnus Castus for a positive mood and increased energy

Vitex Agnus Castus is an herb native to Central Asia and parts of the Mediterranean. It helps balance estrogen and progesterone levels for an even mood and a natural energy boost. Research indicates that it also helps improve symptoms of PMS and PMDD and helps improve sexual function and libido. From study reviews, vitex works by decreasing prolactin, balancing estrogen and progesterone levels, and improving menstrual regularity. It can also help lower breast pain.

Dong Quai to support hormone regulation

Dong Quai, also known as Angelica sinensis or female ginseng, is an herb with a long history in female reproductive health. It helps to improve blood circulation and may reduce cramping and period pain..  Research shows an estrogenic effect that helps regulate female reproductive hormones. It may also reduce hot flashes and support PMS.

Black Cohosh for uterine health and fertility

Black Cohosh is a flowering herb found in North America. Research shows that it supports a healthy uterus by reducing the size of uterine fibroids by as much as 30%, in addition to supporting overall reproductive wellness. Black cohosh helps through its impact on serotonin pathways and may reduce hot flashes in menopause and perimenopause.

D-Chiro Inositol for ovulation and reproductive wellness

D-Chiro Inositol is an essential nutrient, which comes from your diet. It helps your body balance insulin levels, which is an important factor for women living with PCOS. Research shows that D-Chiro Inositol helps to improve insulin resistance and regulate menstrual cycles in PCOS patients, as well as acts as an aromatase inhibitor to support healthy testosterone and estrogen levels. The 40:1 ratio has been studied and proven to provide the best outcomes in fertility and PCOS patients.

Chromium for blood sugar regulation & insulin function

Chromium is a trace mineral that your body needs for optimal wellness. Research shows that chromium increases your body’s insulin sensitivity, which is helpful for women with metabolic syndrome and PCOS.  It may help to increase insulin sensitivity.

Frequently Asked

How do I take Hormonal Harmony?

Take 5 capsules per day. You can take them all at once or spread them out throughout the day. Take each dose with a glass of water and preferably with a meal. You can break the capsules up and take with a liquid or smoothie. If you have trouble remembering your dose, try sitting it somewhere that you’ll see it often, like on your desk or by your bathroom sink. You can also set the alarm on your phone as a gentle reminder to take Hormonal Harmony each day. .

How long will it take Hormonal Harmony to work?

The ingredients in this blend work to regulate your hormone levels, which does not happen overnight. Hormonal Harmony works best if you take it daily for at least 3 months. This is because it takes 90 days (3 months) for the follicles in your eggs to grow and mature. Hormonal Harmony's biggest benefits can be seen with continued use. Some people may notice benefits right away. Please be patient with yourself and the healing process. Remember, this supplement alone won't help balance your hormones without the proper diet & lifestyle modifications. Due to the vitex in this product, we recommend taking a break every 6 months from use.

Does Hormonal Harmony interact with any medications?

Great question! We recommend consulting with your doctor, dietitian, or pharmacist if you take any prescription medications before starting this supplement. They’ll be able to look at your medications and inform you of any possible interactions. Please do not take if on birth control, as vitex may make the birth control ineffective. If you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition, consult your qualified healthcare professional before using this product.

Can I take Hormonal Balance with other NourishWell products?

Absolutely! In fact, we offer all three blends as a bundle to support your overall health and wellness. They are made to be taken together for a synergistic effect. *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

How can I better support my hormones naturally?
Our founder and dietitian Lacey wrote her book just for you to answer your most common questions, including "How does my period work?", "Why is my period wonky, lost, heavy, or irregular?", and "What is PCOS"?, and "How can I support and help my hormones naturally?". You can buy her book, The Women's Guide to Hormonal Harmony", on Amazon! Most of your hormonal questions will be addressed in her book. If not, feel free to contact her for help!
Will this help my periods to be less painful, heavy, or irregular? Will it help me get my period back?
Possibly. We don't make false promises and we believe that evidenced based supplements can truly support a healthy hormonal balance. However, without the right diet & lifestyle changes, they may not do much. We encourage all women (hello that's you!) to ensure that you are also addressing and prioritizing a healthy, balanced diet, balancing your blood sugar, reducing endocrine disruptor exposure, and exercising in a healthy way (not too much, or too little!). We want to strongly state that our product is a supplement, one that should be added to a healthy diet and lifestyle!

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